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Since SANSHAN has been established nearly two decades ago, we have made a proud achievement. Today SANSHAN is a unique rock drilling tools manufacturer. We have integrated our rock drilling tools production process, from the smelting and
rolling of alloy steel to a variety of hard rock drilling tools and cutters tools production. We believe this integration is necessary torealize our core values; quality assurance, flexible production capability and competitive price for our clients.
Our success is built on an exceptional foundation. We are able to create solutions for our clients because through our company’s development we acquired the three pillars that we believe are the critical ingredients for sustainable growth.First, focus on the research and development of cemented carbide rock drilling tools and cutters, continue R&D product development, for this we maintain expert advice from Japan and Europe, and we have several domestic top designers of rock drilling tools and technicians of special steel’s smelting and rolling. Second, we have more than two decades of wealth of pragmatic experience in the domestic market, and radiation to the global market from the strong domestic market,the product’s performance price ratio is approved by all our clients. Third, we have established our own special rock drill steel production base, it can let us in the nearest place to quick access various types of special rock drill steel. With these accumulated competitive advantages, we are confident SANSHAN can add value for you.
Our relentless aspiration to assist our clients in finding more efficient solutions is the reason why SANSHAN is renowned for being a dynamic rock drilling tools manufacturer. It is our desire to help potential clients to understand the efficiency of rock drilling tools, that we have positioned ourselves to serve a diverse range of potential rock drilling tools users. We have the capability for standard items as well as custom made solutions. We will stay committed to our key business values and to leverage our accomplishments to achieve continue client satisfaction. SANSHAN is now in the position to reach out to every corner of the world building long-term business partnerships. We sincerely appreciate the strong support of our client. We will endeavor to do our very best on preserving and enhancing our reputation, offering consistent good quality at competitive price and service to our clients.

Mingsuo Li
Best regards!

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